Case study – Swoo Live Video and Trivia App

By Shay Ben Moshe – UA Manager at Volo






Swoo is an easy way to experience anything happening across the world via live videos. These are broadcast by influencers, celebrities and experts – giving you a peek into the lives of your idols, motivating, inspiring, educating and entertaining you!



Acquire new mobile app users for Swoo mobile application in several countries: Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon and Morocco.



1. Quality users – Reach a sign up rate (Loyal user) of 30% in all targeted countries
2. Fraud – Avoid any kind of non legitimate traffic measured by Appsflyer Protect360 tool



Promote the campaign on low scale with numerous amount of publishers, color the best performing ones and scale accordingly. While using the same method to test new publishers and create a cycle of publishers with high volume for the long term.



  1. Limit the test budget for each publisher and ad space.
  2. Detect the InApp events that predict the user behavior who is more likely to reach the KPI’s.
  3. Scale publishers who reach KPI’s through a whitelist that will run simultaneously with a RON campaign.



  • Install volume: Volo was able to reach the total budget and delivered 75,356 installs for the entire month
  • Reaching KPI’s: Volo reached a loyal user rate of 52.42%, 75% higher than the target KPI of 30%.
  • The percentage of loyal users delivered by Volo was very close to the figure of organic users. Volo delivered 52.42% and the organic user loyalty rate was 57.35%
  • Top performing partner: Volo was the top performing publisher of Swoo during the month of January
  • Fraud safe: All of the media delivered passed successfully all fraud checks done by Appsflyer Protect 360



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