Onemt strikes Tier 1 and MENA regions

By Shay Ben Moshe – UA Manager at Volo




Founded in 2015, ONEMT has been on the forefront of the game development industry, starting from humble beginnings and evolving into a leading developer of mobile games.

A powerhouse in the Middle-East, and now rapidly expanding into the global market, ONEMT has a diverse portfolio of games to offer and more to come.



Acquire new mobile app users with strict KPI’s for Onemt mobile game applications in several countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Turkey











  1. Origins of Empire –
  2. The Great Ottomans –
  3. Doom Dunes-
  4. Rise Of The King –
  5. Revenge Of Sultans-




  1. First day retention rate
  2. Seven day retention rate
  3. Login rate
  4. ROI




  • Use historical data from similar app categories
  • Promote on direct Inapp placements from various app categories
  • Use only highly engaging ad units: Video, Native and interstitial
  • Collect initial data such as CTR, CVR, RR, Login rate and ROI
  • Apply Volo’s automatic optimization tool to collect the most highly engaging segments
  • Scale based on ROI KPI’s




With Volo’s large world wide network of publishers, Onemt was able to drive significant growth in all promoted regions. Volo’s automatic optimization tools helped reaching all KPI’s, from 1st day retention rate to ROI.

“Volo’s efficient team has helped us optimize towards our needs and reach our difficult KPI’s each month…” says Shimmer, addressing Volo’s UA team and advanced optimization tools.

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