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Between computers, smartphones and tablets, not to mention televisions, billboards and newspapers, a typical person can encounter more than 5,000 ads a day. At best, he or she is indifferent to these ads; at worst, these ads are annoying. At Volo, we’re committed to breaking through the noise and using ads for their true purpose: to create value—in other words, to help advertisers spread the word about their products or services to potential customers and users and, correspondingly, to expose users to offerings that address their needs and desires. To do so, we put 100 percent of our focus on ads that are engaging, clear/informative and not annoying. This outlook, coupled with our experience in the industry, has led us to a strategy that eliminates small banners or ads that hide the main message in favor of native, video and interstitial ads. Ultimately, as we’ve found, engagement leads to revenue, and revenue means improved ROI.



Native ads blend seamlessly into publishers’ content, making them non-intrusive and user friendly. Given their organic feel, users react more positively to native ads, resulting in an ad experience that is more pleasant. It has been found that users who click on native ads are more likely to engage.



Video ads make it easy to tell a captivating story. With video, you can give a full overview of your product and pitch it in a way that speaks to your user’s emotions—all in less than 15 seconds. Data shows that users who installed an app after viewing a video about it are more likely to engage with the app.



With a large, screen-filling format, interstitial ads offer plenty of space to present your content in detail and catch the eye of the users you want to reach. Interstitials are a boon for branding and for engaging users, as they communicate the key messages and information right off the bat.



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